Coconut Action Party · Parti Tindakan Kelapa - Lin Yangchen

The secretary-general's past domestic travels to libraries, research laboratories, stamp dealers, auctions, exhibitions and industrial fabricators in connection with the coconut campaign. Map data from the Singapore Land Authority (2018) under the Singapore Open Data Licence. Cartographed by Lin Yangchen in the R Language for Statistical Computing.

Coconut tree climbers ascend with the aid of a rope lashed between the feet to produce friction against the trunk. They sometimes train monkeys to do the harvest instead. The coconut's scientific name Cocos was itself derived from the Portuguese word for "monkey", on account of the three spots on the nut that make it look like a monkey's head (McCurrach 1960).

Make Kampongs Great Again!
Secretary-General Lin Yangchen giving a lecture at the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore, on the embodiment of the Malay Archipelago in the Universal Coconut Duty Plate. Photo: Sumita Thiagarajan

2017: A Coconut Odyssey, engraved in an eternal monolith of pure gold of atomic number 79. Modeled after Kubrick's timeless film of 1968, with a silver halide print of coconut palms in colonial Tanjong Rhu, Singapore. Richard Strauss · Also sprach Zarathustra · Berliner Philharmoniker · Karajan

The Supreme Amulet of the Coconut Sect, carved by high-temperature laser oxidation (Amulevičius et al. 2009) on surgical-grade stainless steel and threaded with military-grade parachute cord. The timeless design of the Universal Coconut Duty Plate is accentuated by the large difference in reflectivity between the brushed steel and the amorphous oxides. The greenish cast of a reflected fluorescent lamp emulates the green paper of the original stamp. The amulet becomes a heliograph (signal mirror) in survival situations.

Nurturing a young Coconut.

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