Acknowledgements - Lin Yangchen

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I am grateful to the following people and organizations who have contributed their knowledge, study material, and research facilities:

Tatsuya Amano
Andy Ashok
John Barwis
Mark Bateson
David Beech
Rein Bakhuizen van den Brink
Nancy Bryan
Krzysztof Ceremuga
Chang Kok Kay
Ernest Cheah
Cheah Jin Seng
Alphonsus Chern
Alan Chong
Dennis Chua
Chua Hock Khoon
Bernard Chung
Peter Cockburn
Bob Dartnell
Nicola Davies
Andreas Dewanto
Ian Gibbons
Goh Wah Ing
Richard Hale
Robert Hisey
Clement Khaw
Lester Kok
Tash Kreditanstalt
Dominic Lim
Lim Kim Yong
Lim Nghee Huat
Peter Lister
Loh Swee Yin
Axel Magis
Marakani Srikant
Mok Kiat Yee
Mok Lian Hai
Mok Xi Tian
Mok Xiao Tian
Mok Xin Tian
Richard Morel
Robert Mustacich
Sdiann Ng
Claire Nivens
Andrew Norris
Sebastian Payne
Poh Kian Hwee
Dickon Pollard
Fernando Silva Moreira dos Santos
Benedict Sim
Paul Skinner
Edmond Soh
Sow Chorng Haur
Len Stanway
Glen Stephens
Eddie Tan
Julian Tan
Juliet Turk
Wan Meng Hao
Wang Lei
Chris Wong
Xiong Qihua
Yeo Hee Teck
Eddie Yong
Zhang Lulu

British Library
National Art Library, UK
Malaya Study Group
Royal Philatelic Society London
Institute for Analytical Philately
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Nikon Imaging Centre, Singapore
Keyence Singapore
The Postal Museum
Kent Archives, UK

Department of Physics, National University of Singapore
Special Programme in Science, National University of Singapore
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Agency for Science, Technology and Research
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

and to members of Stampboards and Wikipedia for their contributions to a living repository of knowledge.

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