©Lin Yangchen

The Microscopicology logo, a stylized ray diagram of a compound microscope sketched by the author over a bowl of Vietnamese Hu Tieu Nam Vang. I decided to omit the line that represents the intermediate image. Acid-free gel ink on paper, 16 July 2021.

Illustration of orthogonally polarized split rays undergoing differential phase shift in Nomarski interference contrast microscopy. This is a snapshot of a 3D object drawn in FreeCAD, based on the 2D figure by Wikipedia user Zephyris (Richard Wheeler). Here the waves were made by drawing helices in the Part Workbench and projecting them onto 2D planes using Shape2DView in the Draft Workbench.

Transverse section of phloem in the stem of Cucurbita sp., drawn by the author as a high school student in 1997.
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