The personal seal at the top of the page comprises a schematic diagram of the pentaprism in a single-lens reflex camera. Every photograph, symbolized by the ray of light, passes through the pentaprism before the decision is made to open the shutter. The pentaprism is superimposed on a bisected circle representing the traditional split-prism focusing screen used in the old school of manual focus.

Special galleries
Odyssey of Steel (train journey from Saigon to Scotland)

London Underground
other exhibitions and publications

People's Park Complex by Lin Yangchen
People's Park Complex
Nikon F · Tri-X

The Rite of Spring

Notting Hill, London

Diodes Emitting Light
Nikon D3 · 200 mm f/2

The innards of Anderson Bridge

First World Problems
Canon EOS-1D X · 50 mm f/1

Cymbel III, Rugpositief
Flentrop revoice

Treron Vernans and Ficus Benjamina

Mind the Gap
Piccadilly Circus, London Underground


Formula One
Nikon D3 · 400 mm f/2.8


Bowels of the Earth
Kiev, Ukraine

The ruins of a Palisade-Mesophyllic cathedral
Canon EOS-1D X · MP-E 65

Ceiling Scraper
Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine

The organ at Cologne Cathedral

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