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Pipe organ
Odyssey of Steel (train journey from Saigon to Scotland)

London Underground
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People's Park Complex by Lin Yangchen
People's Park Complex
Nikon F · Tri-X

The Rite of Spring

Notting Hill, London

Diodes Emitting Light
Nikon D3 · 200 mm f/2

The innards of Anderson Bridge

First World Problems
Canon EOS-1D X · 50 mm f/1

Cymbel III, Rugpositief
Flentrop revoice

Treron Vernans and Ficus Benjamina

Mind the Gap
Piccadilly Circus, London Underground


Formula One
Nikon D3 · 400 mm f/2.8


Bowels of the Earth
Kiev, Ukraine

The ruins of a Palisade-Mesophyllic cathedral
Canon EOS-1D X · MP-E 65

Ceiling Scraper
Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine

The organ at Cologne Cathedral

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