Photography - Lin Yangchen

The personal seal at the top of the page comprises a schematic diagram of the pentaprism in a single-lens reflex camera. Every photograph, symbolized by the ray of light, passes through the pentaprism before the decision is made to open the shutter. The pentaprism is superimposed on a bisected circle representing the traditional split-prism focusing screen used in the old school of manual focus.

the world's widest rectilinear SLR lens

train journey from Saigon to Scotland

on assignment in Uganda

London Underground

organ pipes



People's Park Complex by Lin Yangchen
People's Park Complex
Nikon F · Tri-X

LED bicycle
Light Emitting Diodes
Nikon D3 · 200 mm f/2

LED bicycle
First World Problems
Canon EOS-1D X · 50 mm f/1

LED bicycle
Formula One
Nikon D3 · 400 mm f/2.8


Art Apart Fair
Anthropobiophysical Architecture (7 to 11 January 2017)
three extreme lenses: 11mm rectilinear ultrawide · 50mm f/1.0 ultrafast · MP-E 65 ultramacro
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore
as part of the Art Apart Fair, Singapore Art Week

Art Apart Fair

London Underground Photo Exhibition
celebrating 150 years of the Tube
(2013, 2014)
The Strand Gallery, central London
Old Examination Hall, University of Cambridge
Subway Gallery, Joe Strummer Subway, London
exhibition information, sponsors and international media

Subway Gallery London Tubographical Transactions

Augenblick (2014) 'blink of an eye'
Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Lin Yangchen Cambridge University Zoology Exhibition

(at Queens' Arts Festival 2014)
contributed image within a larger collection exhibited in the mediæval Old Hall (1449), Queens' College, University of Cambridge (sponsored by Queens' College)

Lin Yangchen Queens' College Arts Festival exhibition

Aeronautical Observations (2013)
within a larger collection of themes by members of the Eikon Photographic Society, exhibited at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge
(sponsored by Sidney Sussex College)

Lin Yangchen aviation photo exhibition

Rubbish (2013)
within a larger collection of themes by various photographers in the Sidney Exposed exhibition and at the Sidney Sussex Arts Festival, University of Cambridge
(sponsored by Sidney Sussex College)

Lin Yangchen Rubbish photo exhibition

an Anatomy of the Organ:
a Photographic Dissection of Pipe Organs at the University of Cambridge
image gallery

Lin Yangchen Cambridge Pipe Organ Photo Exhibition

Cambridge is a pipe organ paradise, having possibly the highest concentration of organs in the world. To match the sheer number is a plethora of pure and hybrid organ building styles in which both English and Continental traditions from the Baroque to Contemporary periods are represented. Within any given instrument, there is in turn a bewildering profusion of organ pipes of all shapes and sizes, every single one of which is hand-made and ear-voiced to tonal perfection and harmony with every other pipe. Underpinning this breathtaking manifestation of musical art is an equally astounding superstructure of fine carpentry and precision engineering which ensures that the sound heard by the audience is not air rushing through metal tubes but great music communicated directly from the organist's mind.
(sponsored by the Photography and Illustration Service, University of Cambridge)

Primordial Light (2010, 2009)
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Botanic Gardens, Singapore
(sponsored by the National Parks Board, Singapore)

Unpredictable Flying Objects (2009)
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and the Botanic Gardens, Singapore
(sponsored by the National Parks Board, Singapore)

Living Symphony: the Notes of the Score (2009)
solo exhibition at Yishun Public Library and within a larger collection of themes by various photographers at the National Library, Singapore

The natural world, like a Beethoven symphony, is a creation of simple and profound beauty despite the bewildering complexity of its components. In ways reminiscent of the dramatic interplay of musical instruments in polyphonic textures, living beings of diverse ancestry interact with each other in nature’s monumental masterpiece. In this series of images, creatures big and small, fast and slow trace out notes of the score as they go about their daily lives. An attempt is made to unify seemingly disparate entities by accentuating their ecological kinships in a kind of photographic symphony. As if in the execution of a fugue, one of the oldest musical forms, the number and structural variation of 'notes' increase progressively from one image to the next. The final photograph is inspired by the massive polyphonic coda of Anton Bruckner's 8th Symphony, which unifies the hitherto separate musical ideas in a vertical juxtaposition of magnificent proportions. The photographic symphony, however, represents only a tiny part of the Living Symphony that is orders of magnitude longer, more intangible and more epic than any which mankind has yet composed.
(curated by Chris Yap, Light Editions Gallery, Singapore)


Going Underground: New Perspectives Tube150 London Transport Museum book cover   Bird Conservation Evidence book cover   Heritage Places of Singapore Marshall Cavendish book cover

Canon 11—24mm f/4L lens review

cover page, Home section, The Straits Times

cover photo and contributing photographer
Saving the King: the Organs of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (2018)
by Andre Joseph Theng

Lin, Y. 2013. Tubographical transactions: a search for traces of the past. In López Galviz, C. & Merrill, S. eds. Going Underground: New Perspectives pp. 92–105. London Transport Museum.

cover photo (front and back), Going Underground: New Perspectives (2013)
London Transport Museum (limited edition)

London Underground feature in Singapore Airlines inflight magazine SilverKris, November 2013

London Underground feature in Digital SLR Photography (Malaysia edition), June 2013

photography for the film Hora Chilena (2013)
Scapegoat Productions
world premiere: Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 11 December
London premiere: Amnesty International, 14 December

cover photo, Bird Conservation: Global Evidence for the Effects of Interventions (2013)
by Williams, D. R. et al.
Pelagic Publishing

cover photo and contributing photographer, Heritage Places of Singapore (2009)
by Wan Meng Hao & Jacqueline Lau
Marshall Cavendish


Guest speaker, Wildlife and Natural History Photography course, Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge, 24 August 2013

The Science and Art of a Fish's Eye View of the World, Sidney Sussex College Graduate Conference, University of Cambridge, 17 March 2013

Tube = 2πr × h, London Underground 150th anniversary conference, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, 17 January 2013
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