tubographical transactions - Lin Yangchen

London Underground photo exhibition tube150

The Strand Gallery

The Strand Gallery, central London
26 March – 13 April 2013

University of Cambridge

Old Examination Hall, University of Cambridge
19 June – 11 October 2013

Subway Gallery, Joe Strummer Subway, London

Subway Gallery, Joe Strummer Subway, London
14 – 22 March 2014

Online Gallery

I regard the London Underground as one of the man-made wonders of the world. To the question 'why photograph the Tube', I can only quote George Mallory: 'because it is there'. On the occasion of its 150th year, one can only admire its ability to ingest and spit out millions of people every day in every direction. The Tubographical Transactions exhibition tries to portray the endless permutations of ceramic tiles and cast iron in the venerable subterranean network and the perpetual drama of living beings that scurry through its labyrinthine conduits.

Subway Gallery London Underground photo exhibition tube150
My grandmother's clothes pegs at the Subway Gallery, London.

The mathematical name of the exhibition Tube = 2πr × h originates from the equation for the surface area of an open cylinder, that is the circumference 2πr multiplied by length h. This ancient geometric form has long served the cause of mechanical engineering and played no small part in seducing many a Tube fanatic.

Using a repertoire of camera manœuvres that often draw incredulous looks from passing commuters, the photographer attempts to transcend the purely cylindrical or human facets of the Underground to reveal the love-hate relationship between man and machine.

In the memory of innocent lives lost in the
London attacks of 7 July 2005.

International Publications & Media Coverage

London Underground: New Perspectives Tube150 London Transport Museum book cover   Singapore Airlines inflight magazine SilverKris London Underground Tube150 Oval station spiral stair   Lianhe Zaobao Tube150 London Underground Holborn station escalator

Book cover and 14-page feature, London Transport Museum (limited edition)
Two photographs on front and back covers. Launched at University College London on 27 November 2013.
Singapore Airlines inflight magazine SilverKris
Carried on the world's longest nonstop service (15,343 km),
New York—Singapore, all–Business Class Airbus A340–500.

London Underground television documentary, OBS channel, South Korea
Culture24, United Kingdom
ITV News, London
Cambridge News 20 June 2013
Cambridge News 25 June 2013
Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge
Lianhe Zaobao supp. front page | centre spread, Singapore (in chinese)
London Evening Standard
Time Out London
View London
West End Extra, London
review on London ITA (in italian)
Salad Days Magazine, Italy
Digital SLR Photography (Malaysia edition) 7-page feature

Seminars & Guest Appearances

London Underground 150th anniversary conference, January 2013
Sidney Exposed, University of Cambridge, March 2013
Sidney Sussex Arts Festival, University of Cambridge, June 2013
Take the Tube, Camden Archives, central London, October – December 2013
Book launch, University College London, November 2013


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